Debian Patches

Status for pd-lib-builder/0.6.0-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-crosscompilation-docs.patch fixed confusing documentation about cross-compilation IOhannes m zmölnig yes upstream 2020-01-08
drop-optimization-flags.patch don't add any bogus optimization flags On Debian we must adhere to the baseline CPU which we do by not guessing any
CPU-specific optimizations
IOhannes m zmölnig not-needed Debian 2022-09-04
honor-envvar-CFLAGS.patch Allow overriding of CFLAGS via envvars IOhannes m zmölnig no Debian 2022-09-04
version.patch Use a Debian suffix in the pd-lib-builder version So we can see at one glance, whether the system-installed pd-lib-builder is
IOhannes m zmölnig <> not-needed Debian 2022-11-21

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