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Status for pdp/1:0.14.1+darcs20180201-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
DESTDIR.patch prepend $(DESTDIR) to installation targets Debian no
skip_pd_check.patch skip checks whether Pd is installed PDP tries to be extra smart and refuses to install if it cannot find pd
installed. on Debian we have other means to ensure consistency...
Debian no 2013-12-18
install_extra-pdp.patch install library-files into /usr/lib/pd/extra/pdp IOhannes m zmölnig no 2013-10-09
kfreebsd_hurd.patch treat kFreeBSD the same as linux Debian no
fix_typos.patch Fixing spelling mistakes IOhannes m zmölnig no
hardening.patch IOhannes m zmölnig no
searchpath_check.patch check whether searchpaths are setup-correctly pd-libraries should live in a subdirectory of .../pd/extra
(e.g. .../pd/extra/pdp/), but pdp usually is installed directly
into .../pd/extra/; since it comes with some abstractions, the user
might want to add .../pd/extra/pdp to Pd's search path.
this patch checks whether pdp-abstractions are findable.
if the abstractions are not in Pd's search path, but live besides the
pdp-binary, the path to the binary is automatically added.
else a warning is printed, that the user ought to add the path manually.
IOhannes m zmölnig no 2013-10-29
help_input.patch make [pdp_help_input] work out of the box Since pdp doesn't ship any .mov-file, it's pointless to use a movie
as input; therefore use [pdp_noise] as default input, which is always
Also removed dependency on "ggee" (only needed for mov-playback)
IOhannes m zmölnig no Debian 2013-11-12
scaf_configure.patch fix missing close-quotes in scaf's IOhannes m zmölnig no 2013-12-18
scaf_build.patch added DESTDIR support to build IOhannes m zmölnig no 2013-12-18
fix_install.patch make sure there is a usr/bin/ directory to install to IOhannes m zmölnig no 2013-12-18
nohardcoded_mmx.patch remove hard-coded mmx from opengl/Makefile.config no
unnest_functions.patch do not use nested functions nested functions are a gcc-feature, that is not supported
by other compilers, like clang.
the attached patch converts the few nested functions into
ordinary 'static inline' ones.
Alexander Ovchinnikov <> no 2014-09-01
fix_includes.patch Add includes for function prototypes IOhannes m zmölnig no 2014-09-01
tempfile.patch replace 'tempfile' with 'mktemp' IOhannes m zmölnig no Debian 2021-09-08

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