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Status for php-oscarotero-gettext/4.8.7-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-tests-bootstrap.php-Remove-obsolete-property-setting.patch tests/bootstrap.php: Remove obsolete property setting James Valleroy <> not-needed 2020-07-16
0002-Support-PHPUnit-7.patch Support PHPUnit 7+ James Valleroy <> not-needed 2020-07-16
0003-tests-AssetsTest.php-Remove-test-of-Blade-extractor.patch tests/AssetsTest.php: Remove test of Blade extractor
Blade extractor is provided by php-illuminate-view, which is not
packaged in Debian currently. Other extractors such as Twig and Yaml
are available.
James Valleroy <> not-needed 2020-08-22
0004-Adapt-to-recent-version-of-PHPUnit-9.patch Adapt to recent version of PHPUnit (9) =?utf-8?q?David_Pr=C3=A9vot?= <> no 2020-12-14
0005-Remove-twig-support.patch Remove twig support James Valleroy <> not-needed 2021-08-24
0006-tests-Update-number-of-plural-rules-for-pt.patch tests: Update number of plural rules for pt
This changed due to php-gettext-languages v2.9.0:

Updated CLDR data from v39 to v40 (#44)
The most notable changes is that the number of plural rules changed
for Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish
See for more details
James Valleroy <> no 2022-09-19
0007-Relax-development-dependency-version.patch Relax development dependency version
dh_composer was not able to parse the original version expression.
James Valleroy <> not-needed 2022-09-19
0008-Rename-AbstractTest-to-AbstractTestCase-for-phpunit-.patch Rename AbstractTest to AbstractTestCase for phpunit 10 James Valleroy <> no 2023-07-08
0009-Make-dataProviders-static.patch Make dataProviders static James Valleroy <> no 2023-07-08
0010-Migrate-phpunit-XML-config.patch Migrate phpunit XML config James Valleroy <> no 2023-07-08
0011-tests-Drop-yaml-tests.patch tests: Drop yaml tests
They are failing with php-symfony 6 due to minor changes in the output
(double-quoted strings vs single-quoted strings). The only reverse dependency
currently (shaarli) does not use any extractors or generators from this
package. So it is not an important feature currently.
James Valleroy <> not-needed 2024-02-28

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