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Status for php-zmq/1.1.3-24

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Fix-build-with-old-GCC.patch Fix build with old GCC Remi Collet <> no 2016-02-01
0002-PHP-7.3-compatibility-and-bugfixes.patch PHP 7.3 compatibility and bugfixes
- Define new GC_ADDREF/DELREF/SET_REFCOUNT macros for older PHP versions and use them instead of direct GC reference counter access

- Fixup all necessary 'long' type parameters to 'zend_long', PHP 7.3 makes it mandatory, also fixup some direct function implementations to accept the same

- In php_zmq_recv(), zend_string_init() was wrongly called with third parameter as '1', marking new string with IS_STR_PERSISTENT, this caused heap corruption and/or segfaults with PHP 7.3 and could possibly cause other sorts of bugs under any 7.x version
With ZVAL_STRINGL macro, this last '1' parameter meant to copy the string and was seemingly erroneously moved to zend_string_init(). zend_string_init() copies string by default, and last parameter has totally different meaning here

- In poll(), flag ZVAL separation on passed arrays (PHP 7.3 makes it mandatory)

- Test 19 (exception on connect callback with forced reference parameter): skip on PHP 7.1 and higher, PHP >= 7.1 started to fallback to passing argument by value instead of failing

- Test 21 (warning generation from callback): it is ok, but PHP 7.3 uses 'int' instead of 'integer' for constants, so allow any word in place of the word 'integer'
Alex/AT <> no 2018-12-10
0003-Fix-for-PHP-7.3.patch Fix for PHP 7.3 Remi Collet <> no 2018-06-27
0004-sockopt-autocreate-cleanup.patch sockopt autocreate cleanup
- add info to README about script
- changed sockopts_set.gsl to honor zend_long over long
- changed year to 2020
- (also ran gsl -script:sockopts.gsl sockopts.xml which has no impact on zmq_sockopt.c now)
Sebastian Jennen <> no 2020-02-13 start for build and maintain instructions Sebastian Jennen <> no 2020-02-14
0006-sockopt-update-to-czmq-v4.0.0.patch sockopt update to czmq/v4.0.0 Sebastian Jennen <> no 2020-02-14
0007-add-libzmq-4.1.7-support.patch add libzmq 4.1.7 support
This adds support for the socks proxy

api.php update created with DocThor, see
Sebastian Jennen <> no 2020-02-16
0008-sockopts-code-condensed-by-moving-to-makros.patch sockopts: code condensed by moving to makros
The code is autogenerated by the *.gsl scripts. In order to
minimize the c code now parts of the gsl code generation is
moved to new makro definitions in zmq_sockopts_makros.h

This reduces the overall lines of the file and makes it more
readable for future additions of flags.
Sebastian Jennen <> no 2020-02-18
0009-travisci-updates-for-php7.1-php7.2-and-php7.3.patch travisci updates for php7.1, php7.2 and php7.3
- fixed unstable tests
- add pthreads for php7.2
Sebastian Jennen <> no 2020-02-28
0010-package.xml-fix-add-reference-for-new-zmq_sockopts_m.patch package.xml fix: add reference for new zmq_sockopts_makros.h Sebastian Jennen <> no 2020-02-28
0011-updates-for-php7.4-and-php8.0.patch updates for php7.4 and php8.0
- travisci enabled php7.4 and php8.0
- removed now unused references to TSRMLS_*
These flags were mostly already removed from the
php7 codebase but some instances were still present.
With php8 these produce compile errors.
- fix tests for php8 and php7.4
New TypeErrors now get handled correctly in the test cases.
- fix memory corruption in zmq.c
The conflicting line causes memory leaks on other php
version and causes a segfault on php8 and php7.4
The error was provocable with test case
021-callbackwarning.phpt. After removing of the line
valgrind showed no memory leak, so this line was probably
redundant. Also if you compare with zmqsocket constructor
this line is also not present.
Sebastian Jennen <> no 2020-03-01
0012-Fix-build-warnings-since-7.4-The-read-and-write-oper.patch Fix build warnings - since 7.4, The read and write operations of php_stream_ops now return ssize_t,
with negative values indicating an error. - since 7.0,
function_name is a zend_string - handle is an "int"
Remi Collet <> no 2020-03-06
0013-fix-Wformat.patch fix [-Wformat=] Remi Collet <> no 2020-03-06
0014-sockopts-updated-to-4.3.patch sockopts updated to 4.3
- version break in sockopts.xml in 2017 prevented update with gsl files, see also
- the gsl files have been rewritten to handle major_removed and major_changed flags
Sebastian Jennen <> no 2020-04-04
0015-sockopts-fix-for-major_changed.patch sockopts - fix for major_changed
allow both versions of major_changed after and before based on zmq version
Sebastian Jennen <> no 2020-04-05
0016-fix-for-PHP-8.0.0beta2.patch fix for PHP 8.0.0beta2 Remi Collet <> no 2020-08-24

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