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Status for pkgconf/1.8.1-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
sysroot_dir-logic.patch pkg: fix sysroot_dir logic for github 213 Ariadne Conill <> no 2022-06-26
pkg.m4/0001-pkg.m4-Unified-indentation-in-PKG_CHECK_MODULES.patch pkg.m4: Unified indentation in PKG_CHECK_MODULES
Currently the indentation in PKG_CHECK_MODULES is a mix och tabs and
spaces which makes it hard to read. This patch unifies the indentation
in the function to spaces.
Mattias Hansson <> no 2021-10-08
pkg.m4/0003-trivial-sync-of-pkg.m4-from-freedesktop.patch trivial sync of pkg.m4 from freedesktop
This contains 3 changes, mostly inconsequential:

- fix some spelling issues in the comments

- bump the serial number; upstream rationale is very :shrug: but it is
what it is:
> There aren't any significant changes here, but this will cause aclocal
> to get the latest version.

- make the status log for PKG_CHECK_MODULES say "checking for <mod>..."
instead of "checking for <VAR>..."

There are additional whitespace-only changes that could be synced, and
were explicitly synced in commit 95b683c864f89ba5d2f02b0bbf8b07e0ffcecbce
but then undone in commit 360a818f2f2741a276f3acae6022b3d045e62f1f so
rather than fighting over it, are simply ignored. Diffing against the
freedesktop version of pkg.m4 will therefore show additional
Eli Schwartz <> no 2022-07-03
fix-exists-print-errors.patch cli: if --exists is specified, require the full dependency graph to validate Ariadne Conill <> no debian 2023-01-22
regenerate-docs-for-libpkgconf.patch doc: Regenerate the documentation for libpkgconf Andrej Shadura <> no 2023-01-22

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