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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
rename-enums.patch rename enum Apparently something else now #defines (or in some other way influences
the value of) SOCKET so using that as an enum identifier leads to this
Sascha Steinbiss <> yes 2019-07-22
0001-remove-CryptoPan.patch remove CryptoPan Sascha Steinbiss <> no 2017-05-09
0002-add-support-for-xerces-c-3.2.patch add support for xerces-c 3.2 Sascha Steinbiss <> no 2017-11-07
0004-include-pcap.h-outside-namespace.patch Move #include <pcap.h> outside namespace Utils.h includes pcap.h from within the pktannon namespace, this causes system
structures to be incorrectly placed in the pktanon namespace breaking stuff
later. This patch moves the include outside of the namespace.
Peter Michael Green <> no
0005-include-stdexcept.patch make sure that stdexcept is included This fixes building with GCC 10, see #957688. Sascha Steinbiss <> yes upstream 2020-04-22

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