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Status for plib/1.8.5-14

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
00_fix_kfreebsd_FTBFS.diff _fix_kfreebsd_FTBFS.diff=================================================================== no
01_fix_hurd_FTBFS.diff _fix_hurd_FTBFS.diff no
02_build_shared_libs.diff _build_shared_libs.diff diff -Naur plib-1.8.5.orig/ plib-1.8.5/ no
03_remove_pthread_link.diff _remove_pthread_link.diff diff -Naur plib-1.8.5.orig/ plib-1.8.5/ no
04_CVE-2011-4620.diff _CVE 2011 4620.diff no
06_spelling_errors.diff Fix spelling errors in code s/implmented/implemented, s/adress/address Tobias Frost <> no 2017-07-24
05_CVE-2012-4552.diff _CVE 2012 4552.diff diff -up plib-1.8.5/src/ssg/ssgParser.cxx~ plib-1.8.5/src/ssg/ssgParser.cxx no
07_dont_break_joystick_system_calibration.diff Don't break system calibration settings when a joystick is opened plib may do additional dead-band management on top of the OS joystick driver,
it should not break system settings for that reason!
Florent Rougon <> yes debian upstream 2015-06-01
08_CVE-2021-38714.patch Prevent integer overflow in ssgLoadTGA() function. CVE-2021-38714
Anton Gladky <> no debian 2021-10-02

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