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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
Remove-nondfsg-dirs.patch Remove nondfsg dirs Andrew Ross <> not-needed 2017-07-03
Disable-octave-UTF-8-tests.patch Disable octave UTF-8 tests
They faile due to a bug in octave's UTF-8 handling
Ole Streicher <> no 2017-07-19
Disable-failing-ocaml-tests.patch Don't fail on failing ocaml tests
The ocaml tests often fail on on-x86 platforms; mainly with
segmentation faults. The cause of this is still unclear.

To investigate this further (and to build plplot on all platforms),
all tests are run, but failures will not lead to stopping the build.

Additionally, the tests sometimes hang on MIPS platforms, so we
disable them there completely.
Ole Streicher <> no 2017-09-20
Fix-build-with-OCaml-4.06.patch Fix build with OCaml 4.06
Fedora patch to fix build with OCaml 4.0.6.
Orion Poplawski <> no 2017-11-20
i386-mieee-fp.patch Fix FTBFS on i386, workaround for #901836
The -mieee-fp flag, that is used to test the NaN awareness of the compiler,
is broken on i386. As a consequence, plplot FTBFS, because it does not compile
csiro, see e.g.:

This patch simply removes the -mieee-fp flag, which is not needed on i386 to
pass the NaN awareness test.
=?utf-8?q?S=C3=A9bastien_Villemot?= <> no debian 2018-06-20
Build-with-Itcl4.patch Enable Itcl 4 for the build
This includes switching ON variable USE_INCRTCL_VERSION_4 and adding
the itcl suffix to the include search paths because for tcl-itcl4 the
headers are placed in /usr/include/itcl.
Sergei Golovan <> no 2018-03-18
Don-t-misdetect-compiler-on-Alpha-as-not-supporting-NaN.patch Don't misdetect compiler on Alpha as not supporting NaN

plplot FTBFS on Alpha [1] with missing files at the
install stage. One can trace this back to the cmake configure at
the start which misdetects the compiler as not supporting NaNs
(from the build log):

-- Check for NaN awareness in C compiler
-- Check for NaN awareness in C compiler - not found

In cmake/modules/csiro.cmake is:

set(NAN_CFLAGS "${NAN_CFLAGS} -mieee")
set(NAN_CFLAGS "${NAN_CFLAGS} -ieee")

In the build CMAKE_C_COMPILER gets set to /usr/bin/cc which is gcc
on Debian Linux but does not match "gcc" in the test and thus the
test proceeds with the compiler option "-ieee" intended for the
Compaq C compiler, not for gcc.

A simple fix for Debian Linux would be to eliminate the test for
gcc (as the Compaq C Compiler for Alpha Linux has not been runnable
under Linux for quite a few years so there is no point in testing
for it) and just use the -mieee command line argument, i.e.,

set(NAN_CFLAGS "${NAN_CFLAGS} -mieee")

I suspect this fix might not be acceptable to upstream as it
potentially breaks the build on Tru64 Unix with the Compaq C

Michael Cree <> no 2018-06-20
Remove-dependency-of-examples-from-python-shared-libs.patch Remove dependency of examples from python shared libs
They are there if the packages are installed, and their names change
during package creation.
Ole Streicher <> no 2018-11-27
replace-gdc-extensions.patch Replace gdc extensions in D binding and examples source code with equivalent standard D source code This patch is needed to avoid FTBFS with recent gdc versions. not-needed upstream, 2019-10-08
Change-install-tree-location-of-wxPLViewer.patch Change install-tree location of wxPLViewer
The wxPLViewer application is only used internally by the wxwidgets

This is based on commit 4e9679b22 in upstream git,
author Alan W. Irwin <>
Ole Streicher <> no 2019-11-20
pyqt5-sip-path.patch Fix path of SIP files for PyQT5 The path for the *.sip files changed in version 5.15.1 of the
pyqt5-dev package.
Alan W. Irwin <> no debian upstream, 2020-10-06
build-against-qt-5.15.patch Fix build against Qt 5.15 Antnio Rodrigues Tom not-needed upstream, 2020-11-05
allow-setting-ada-soversion.diff allow override of libplotada shared object version The SOVersion sometimes needs to evolve independently of the API (and
thus, is unrelated with semantic versioning), or even without
knowledge by the upstream author. For example, a rebuild of the
library with a different compiler may break its ABI.
This patch provides redistributors like Debian an easy way to set the
libplplotada_SOVERSION on the CMake command line, without patching
CMake files.
This patch only affects the Ada library, but the suggestion applies
to any language allowing dynamic linking.
As far as I know, the part added by _VERSION and the related symbolic
links are a complexity added by CMake (probably in order to follow
the GNU libtool conventions), but the linker only cares about the
Nicolas Boulenguez <> yes 2020-11-15
install-ada-project.diff install a convenience GNAT project for the Ada binding It is more and more common to build Ada sources with gprbuild. Nicolas Boulenguez <> yes 2022-11-30
python3-interpreter-in-examples.patch Use python3 instead of python as the interpreter for the examples This avoids the numerous Litian warnings example-unusual-interpreter. Rafael Laboissire <> not-needed 2020-11-21
show-freetype-fonts.patch Show the FreeType fonts found Rafael Laboissire <> yes 2020-12-13
sip-build-support.patch Port to SIP 5/6 Dmitry Shachnev <> not-needed debian upstream 2021-06-18
reentrant-qhull.patch Use reentrant libqhull_r instead of deprecated libqh The non-reentrant version has been deprecated by upstream and is no
longer built by default.
The reentrant version is available since qhull 2015.1. As the
old-style qhull/* headers were removed with qhull 2011.1 these are no
longer relevant.
Stefan Bns <> not-needed debian upstream other, 2021-07-03
sip-include-dirs.patch Add SIP include directory in configuration file Rafael Laboissire <> yes debian 2021-11-03
build-static-ada-library.patch Compile a static library for the Ada binding Rafael Laboissire <> yes 2022-11-29
gfortran-divide-by-zero.patch Avoid FPE during check of NaN for gfortran Rafael Laboissire <> yes 2022-11-28
path-for-bash.patch Give priority to /bin/ over /usr/bin/ as path for bash This is a Debian-specific change to avoid Lintian warning
example-wrong-path-for-interpreter and there is no need to forward
this patch upstream.
Rafael Laboissire <> not-needed 2022-12-03
octave-deprecated-operator.patch Do not use deprecated operators .- and .+ Rafael Laboissire <> yes 2022-12-26
octave-no-gui-test.patch Run Octave non-interactive tests without graphical interface Rafael Laboissire <> yes 2023-01-04

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