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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-quiet-compiler-warnings-building-with-gcc-and-clang.patch [PATCH] quiet compiler warnings building with gcc and clang. - define variables and functions as static when not declared by headers. - remove some
unused defines. - other minor changes to quiet warnings.
Campbell Barton <> no 2013-11-17
0007-added-header-files-to-hold-Unix-flavor-specific-conf.patch [PATCH] added header files to hold Unix flavor-specific config settings; also thrown out the unused fseek64 macro from both Unix and Windows
syspovconfig.h; should fix GitHub issue #9.

corresponds to Perforce changes 6129, 6131, 6133.
Christoph Lipka <> no 2013-12-16
fix-typos.patch fix some typos Andreas Beckmann <> no
10_includes-location adjust permissions for Debian installation locations unknown no
40_bashism.diff use bash as interpreter for scripts using non-posix extensions for "read" Andreas Beckmann <> no debian fix outdated information and broken paragraph in manpage Olivier STOLTZ DOUCHET <> no debian
no-create-user-dirs.patch do not create user directories Andreas Beckmann <> no
no-interactive-test.patch perform render test without display and non-interactively Andreas Beckmann <> no debian
verify_POV_LONG_is_64bit.patch ensure that POV_LONG is a 64bit integer Andreas Beckmann <> no debian
correctly_use_POSIX_V6_LP64_OFF64.patch correct the usage of _POSIX_V6_LP64_OFF64 etc. which caused a 32bit long being used for POV_LONG while this is required
to be a 64bit integer
the resulting integer overflow during sentinel conversion leads to segmentation faults

if _POSIX_V6_LP*_OFF* is defined to -1 the feature is *not* available
(as seen on most 32bit platforms: arm*, mips*, (!linux)-i386)
if it's undefined, it should be checked with e.g.
if (__sysconf (_SC_V7_LP64_OFF64) > 0)
see e.g. eglibc source posix/confstr.c

*** Note: his patch is not complete, probably all other uses of
*** _POSIX_* macros need the same treatment
Andreas Beckmann <> yes debian upstream
kfreebsd.patch Fix FTBFS on kFreeBSD This patch allows kFreeBSD to be detected as a BSD-style Unix.
Bug #745448 needed to be fixed before build was successful.
Graham Inggs <> not-needed debian 2014-05-26
no-usr-local.patch fix references to /usr/local/etc Andreas Beckmann <> no
report-missing-povray-examples.patch report that the povray-examples package is needed Andreas Beckmann <> no
scene-directory-symlink.patch do not fail to find scenes if SCENE_DIR is a symlink Andreas Beckmann <> no
boost-date-time.patch link with -lboost_date_time needed when building without optimization
will be omitted by --as-needed in other cases
Andreas Beckmann <> no
relax-directory-check.patch relax directory check the shell may set $0 to an absolute path if called as ./ Andreas Beckmann <> no
cross.patch do not use AC_RUN_IFELSE povray fails to cross build from source, because it uses AC_RUN_IFELSE
in a few places. Getting rid of these isn't obvious. It's used for
different things:
* Checking whether boost thread works. -> AC_LINK_IFELSE suffices here.
* Determining versions of libraries. -> AC_COMPUTE_INT often works.
* Determining version of libtiff. -> We can opportunistically use
PKG_CHECK_MODULES and fall back to the old check on failure.
Helmut Grohne <> yes debian upstream
utf8.patch convert from latin1,cp1252,cp1282 to utf8 Andreas Beckmann <> no
reproducible.patch achieve reproducible builds with sorted source file lists Andreas Beckmann <> no

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