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Status for ppl/1:1.2-8.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
link-tests-with-libmpq.diff no
reproducible_builds_gzip_n Using gzip with -n for reproducible builds Michael Tautschnig <> no
fix_latex_build.patch commit addd0535f36e4a2734b9b5321e2e0ad398c5e20c

Disable Kpathsea case-insensitive filename matching.
Case-insensitive filename matching is done by default in non-system
directories starting from TeX Live 2018.

diff --git a/doc/ b/doc/
index 3daf9ccea..ffc3c12d5 100644
Roberto Bagnara <> no 2018-05-04
fix_AC_CHECK_SWI_PROLOG.patch no
latex_include_ifthen_package.patch Include ifthen package in latex user manual. This package is only used by Doxygen but due to the changes introduced
in their issue #6769 they don't include the package anymore...
Tobias Hansen <> yes debian upstream
swi82.patch Fix FTBFS with swi-prolog 8.2 Adrian Bunk <> no debian

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