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011_scripts_redialer.diff no
chat_man chat(8): document the TIMEOUT directive no
pppdump_use_zlib support building pppdump with the system zlib

but nacked: "it caused compile failures (on Fedora at least), which
reminded me that the zlib.c here is not the same as upstream; it has
extra functions that I added a long time ago."
pppoatm_resolver_light disable unneeded code in the pppoatm plugin

This patch halves the size of the PPPoA plugin by disabling features
which are never used with normal DSL connections (i.e. parsing of QoS
configuration directives and DNS resolution of VP/VC addresses).
It is especially useful for install images and embedded systems.

A next step could be removing text2qos.c, text2atm.c, misc.c and ans.c
and encourage users interested in the complete features to link the
plugin with the real libatm. I really doubt anybody cares, anyway.
pppoe_noads no
ppp-2.3.11-oedod.dif Upstream said:

Hmmm, dial-on-demand was never tested with the sync option, and in fact I don't
know what devices would use that option.

To be accepted, the patch would need a sign-off and a description that
explained the changes in the patch - in particular, what the large lump of code
added to demand_rexmit() is doing.
010_scripts_README.diff no
no_crypt_hack The udeb package does not have crypt(3).
This patch makes authentication always fail, since it is not needed anyway
for dialout.
resolv.conf_no_log no
zzz_config Debian-specific changes. no
pppd-soname-hack.patch Add a SONAME to the pppd binary This hack inserts a SONAME into the pppd binary, which allows us to
run dpkg-gensymbols/dh_makeshlibs over the resulting binary. This is
useful so that we can use Debian's standard build infrastructure to
help track the ppp binary's ABI, which is used by plugins.
Chris Boot <> not-needed 2015-12-05
replace-vendored-hash-functions.patch Replace vendored hash functions with libcrypto
This patch switches ppp's use of the embedded implementations of MD4, MD5 and
SHA1 for those found in OpenSSL's libcrypto. This is inspired by the patch to
switch to the libmd versions of these functions, but using libcrypto is
preferable both due to the patch being slightly less invasive and also because
of our use of the EAP-TLS patch which requires OpenSSL.
Chris Boot <> no debian 2017-12-17
eap-mschap-v2-namelen.patch This fixes the length of the username when responding to an EAP MSCHAPv2 challenge.
Also see the discussion in the MP:
Eivind Næss <> no upstream, 2022-02-24

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