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Status for prime-phylo/1.0.11-11

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-ftbfs-with-Boost160.patch Fix FTBFS with Boost 1.60 Add serialization/utility include to prevent error:
src/cxx/libraries/prime/ required from here
error: ‘struct std::pair<int, int>’ has no member named ‘serialize’
t.serialize(ar, file_version);
Graham Inggs <> no debian 2016-08-03
fix-gcc-8.patch 'beep::' is redundant inside 'namespace beep' block Fixes FTBFS with GCC 8: PrimeOptionMap.hh:162:33: error:
'std::ostream& beep::operator<<(std::ostream&, const beep::PrimeOptionMap&)'
should have been declared inside 'beep'
Juhani Numminen <> no debian 2018-05-22
0003-Fix-build-with-Boost-1.67.patch Fix build with Boost 1.67.
Explicitly including the header boost/serialization/vector.hpp is
required for automatic serialization of std::vector.
Giovanni Mascellani <> no debian 2018-11-03
0004-fix-gcc10-build.patch Append extern to prevent gcc-10 FTBFS Nilesh Patra <> no debian
fix-ftbfs-with-gcc13.patch Fix missing headers and missing prototypes=================================================================== Zixing Liu <> no debian 2024-04-11

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