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Status for prometheus-blackbox-exporter/0.23.0-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-Fix_racey_test.patch Disable tcp tests that seem to fail under high load, causing FTBFS in many architectures. not-needed
02-Use_deprecated_insecure_grpc.patch Use deprecated insecure gRPC DialOption The version of golang-google-grpc-dev in sid does not (as of writing)
support the newer WithTransportCredentials and insecure.NewCredentials()
This patch can be dropped once the newer golang-google-grpc-dev from
experimental is re-uploaded to unstable.
Daniel Swarbrick <> not-needed
03-Fallback_to_IPv4_localhost_in_gRPC_tests.patch Fallback to IPv4 name resolution in gRPC tests This conforms to other tests in this repo. It should also address the issue
of tests failing on reproducible builds, where localhost apparently does not
resolve to ::1 in addition to
Daniel Swarbrick <> yes upstream 2023-01-05

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