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0001-Update-rsensor.c-drop-is_error-macro-definition.patch [PATCH] Update rsensor.c: drop is_error macro definition. New json-c 13.1 removed bits.h inclusion, deprecating de facto all the definitions
inside. is_error is defined as "#define is_error(ptr) (ptr == NULL)"

in this case, double checking the same pointer is just useless, remove it.
Also simplify the double obj check in remote_psensor_update because obj can't change between the first and the second check

After writing the patch I discovered a new PR From: Matheus Teixeira <>, with really similar content, so I'm giving
credits for authorship to him.
Matheus Teixeira <> no 2019-06-30
14.patch [PATCH 1/7] fix compilation with microhttpd since version 0.9.71 which changes the return type of the cbk Jean-Philippe Orsini <> no 2020-07-17
ayatana-appindicator.patch =================================================================== no
fix-ftbfs.patch Fix FTBFS with gcc-11 Fix the indentation while keeping the logic same as before. Sudip Mukherjee <> no

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