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Status for puppetdb/7.12.1-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001_Lein_Local.patch Patch project.clj to build locally using lein =?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> not-needed 2022-07-01
0002-Fix-endless-redirects-with-Compojure-1.5.0.patch Fix endless redirects with Compojure > 1.5.0
Compojure tries all routes in order until a non-nil response is received. PDB
specifies "/" as the first route which should always match, but didn't in
earlier versions, probably due to #125[1]. With Compojure 1.6, "/" will match
any route, leading to endless redirects.
Fix this by moving "/" to the end of the list.
Apollon Oikonomopoulos <> no 2022-06-30
0003-Disable-update-checks-by-default.patch Disable update checks by default
Don't let PDB call home by default. Note that setting 'disable-update-checking'
to 'false' is not enough; it only disables PDB's internal periodic update
checker, but the dashboard triggers an on-demand check with a call to
Apollon Oikonomopoulos <> not-needed 2022-06-30
0004-Swap-yaml.core-for-clj-yaml.core.patch Swap yaml.core for clj-yaml.core
The former is not packaged in Debian and the latter seems like
an adequate replacement for the purpose of running the testsuite.
=?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> not-needed 2022-07-04
0005-Adjust-config-paths-for-Debian.patch Adjust config paths for Debian =?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> not-needed 2022-07-13
0006-Exclude-docs-and-config-files-from-jar.patch Exclude docs and config files from jar =?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> not-needed 2023-01-26
0007-Remove-nREPL-service.patch Remove nREPL service =?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> no 2023-02-01

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