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0002-Patch-out-pjstadig-humane-test-output-library.patch Patch out pjstadig/humane-test-output library
This is not packaged in Debian yet, and not required to run tests.
=?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> not-needed 2023-01-09
0003-Add-JRuby-stdlib-libraries-to-ruby-load-path.patch Add JRuby stdlib libraries to ruby-load-path
Since we don't run puppetserver with jruby-stdlib.jar on the
classpath (because we hope to get rid of it at some point) we need to
ensure we always have "/usr/share/jruby/lib/ruby/stdlib" on the JRuby
=?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> not-needed 2023-01-09
0004-Don-t-mess-with-RUBYLIB-when-calling-autosign-script.patch Don't mess with RUBYLIB when calling autosign script
Since Debian installs Puppet and Facter libraries in the system-wide
path, there is no need to modify RUBYLIB in the exec environment. Doing
so causes errors because of the overlapping namespaces: "warning:
already initialized constant [..]"
=?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> not-needed 2023-01-10
0005-Disable-remote-update-check-and-dropsonde-analytics.patch Disable remote update-check and dropsonde analytics
This disables the update-check by default, although it can be enabled
and should work. Dropsonde analytics, however, are not supported at all
because the required gem isn't packaged in Debian.
=?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> not-needed 2023-01-12
0006-Fix-unknown-symbol-error-in-integration-tests.patch Fix unknown symbol error in integration tests
This is a workaround for a clojure testsuite compilation error that
appears with the upstream code:

Syntax error compiling at (puppetlabs/services/jruby/jruby_metrics_service_test.clj:126:1).
Unable to resolve symbol: mock-puppetserver-config-service in this context

It's unknown what is causing the issue, it should be investigated at
some point, but the workaround should be sound and doesn't affect the
main app code which does not suffer this issue.
=?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> not-needed 2023-01-11
0007-Adapt-JRuby-environment-test-for-Debian.patch Adapt JRuby environment test for Debian
When JRuby is executed from a jar (embedded), it adds the RUBY
environment variable. Since JRuby is instead loaded from the filesystem,
this envvar isn't present, so don't expect it.

See org/jruby/

A similar patch also exists for src:jruby-utils-clojure.
=?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> not-needed 2023-01-12
0008-Adjust-defaults-paths.patch Adjust defaults paths
This patch adjusts the default paths used in various places in
Puppetserver, mainly replacing /opt/puppetlabs with paths that conform to
Debian Policy. It also replaces the "puppetlabs" path component with "puppet"
in the places where it appears, as a matter of consistency with previous
releases of Puppet packages in the Debian archive.
=?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> not-needed 2023-01-13
0001-Lein_Local.patch Lein Local
Patch project.clj to build locally using lein.
Puppet Package Maintainers <> not-needed 2023-01-09
0009-Remove-call-to-symlink-cadir.patch Remove call to symlink-cadir
Because upstream assumes :ssldir and :cadir are always under :confdir,
this doesn't work well for Debian. Furthermore, this function will
full-on *delete* the :old-cadir directory tree with very little
confidence that it's actually safe to do so. This does not seems like a
worthy tradeoff for a backwards-compatibility symlink?

Anyway, we assume the system administrator knows what they're doing when
moving around the Puppet CA certificates, and let them handle the
compatibility symlinks as needed...
=?utf-8?b?SsOpcsO0bWUgQ2hhcmFvdWk=?= <> not-needed 2023-01-16
downgrade-to-jetty9.patch Downgrade to Jetty9
The only version of Jetty available in Debian, for now, is Jetty9. However
because of its EOL status, its unlikely to be shipped with trixie (see #1055382)
so once a new version of Jetty is packaged, this patch should be dropped.
Jérôme Charaoui <> not-needed
resolve-ftbfs-with-java-21.patch Resolve FTBFS with Java 21
This removes an exception from project.clj's :fips profile which throws an
exception when Java 21 is used, regardless of whether the profile is activated
or not.
Jérôme Charaoui <> not-needed

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