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Status for pycuda/2022.2.2~dfsg-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
import-sphinxconfig.patch import for offline usage the sphinx config was moved by upstream to
and is retrieved at build time
import it back into the package s.t.
- the package can be built without requiring network access
- the sphinx config can be patched
hardening.patch Disable optimisation flags PyCUDA manages its own CXXFLAGS which enable optimisation and disable
debug options. This patch disables setting of default optimisation levels
as this might conflict with hardening and DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
Tomasz Rybak <> not-needed 2019-12-10
python-versions.patch Change option providing name of Python Boost library Package needs libboost-python and name of linked library depends on Python
version. To build for all supported Python version we need to get used
Python version and include it into name of linked library.
Andreas Beckmann <> not-needed 2021-11-22
fix-setup.patch Disable tests during setup Do not check for presence of shipped Boost and presence of configuration files
during building of package. Clean compiled files and configuration.
Tomasz Rybak <> not-needed 2019-12-10
docs.patch use Debian packages for external documentation Do not fetch external Sphinx inventory but use one from Debian packages.
Documentation tries to download MathJax from the network. This might be
a privacy breach and makes it hard to use documentation in offline mode.
This patch forces Sphinx to use MathJax from (other) package.
Tomasz Rybak <> not-needed 2022-07-01
python3.patch Run scripts under Python 3 Ensure that and uses Python 3 for running. Tomasz Rybak <> not-needed 2019-11-06

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