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Status for python-asyncssh/2.10.1-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
sphinx-use-default-theme.patch make Sphinx use default theme

The "classic" theme is introduced in Sphinx 1.3 and not available in
Sphinx 1.2.
SVN-Git Migration <> not-needed 2015-10-08
0002-skip-tests-requiring-network-access.patch skip tests requiring network access Vincent Bernat <> no 2016-01-03
0003-Revert-fido-0.9.2-support.patch Revert fido 0.9.2 support
Not yet in Debian, we're still on 0.9.1

This reverts: 7a4597953a631ee5091ac1b6e384e32d4f018a82
Stefano Rivera <> no 2022-05-18
0004-Handle-ConnectionRefusedError-when-connecting-to-223.patch Handle ConnectionRefusedError when connecting to
If the tests are run from an environment with a firewall, they may be
refused instead of timing out.

Just skip the test.
Stefano Rivera <> yes 2022-05-18
mock-pathlib-expanduser.patch [PATCH] Also patch pathlib expanduser
also affects `pathlib.path.expanduser()` which is invoked by the config
parser for expanding `~/.ssh`.
Georg Sauthoff <> no 2022-07-09

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