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Status for python-cassandra-driver/3.25.0-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0004-Fix-typos-in-upstream-source.patch Fix typos in upstream source Emmanuel Arias <> yes 2022-05-13
Make_unittests_loadable.patch UnitTest cannot be run at all without CCM
Because this third party module is imported from __init__ files breaking
nose while analysing available test (so --ignore-file cannot help)
Adam Cecile <> no 2021-02-04
Disable_GitHub_links_in_doc.patch Disable_GitHub_links_in_doc Adam Cecile <> no 2021-02-04
0003-Skip-tests-that-fails-on-i386-arch.patch Skip tests that fails on i386 arch
This test fail on i386 arch. This is a hotfix to try to have a new upstream
release before Debian Freeze. Need investigation.
Emmanuel Arias <> yes upstream 2021-02-04
0005-Skip-test_multi_timer_validation-flaky-test.patch Skip test_multi_timer_validation flaky test Emmanuel Arias <> yes debian upstream 2022-05-26
0006-Merge-pull-request-1119-from-datastax-python-1290.patch Merge pull request #1119 from datastax/python-1290
PYTHON-1290 Convert asyncio reactor away from @asyncio.coroutine
Bret McGuire <> no debian 2022-02-02
0007-Python-3.11-support-bpo-46730.patch Python 3.11 support [bpo-46730]
The AttributeError message for a missing property setter changed in
Stefano Rivera <> yes debian 2022-11-18

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