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Status for python-cheroot/10.0.0+ds1-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
plain_setuptools-scm.patch Use setuptools-scm v7+ for building the dists
Since version 7, setuptools-scm has native support for git archive,
so the setuptools-scm-git-archive project is obsolete
and this patch removes it from the build dependencies.
Serhii Abarovskyi <> not-needed upstream, 2023-05-09
pep440_version_number.patch make the package return a PEP440-compatible version number Julien Puydt not-needed
Remove-dependency-on-pypytools.patch Remove dependency on pypytools
Pypytools is not packaged in Debian/Ubuntu.
Heinrich Schuchardt <> not-needed 2022-12-13
Skip-test_high_number_of_file_descriptors.patch Skip test_high_number_of_file_descriptors
`forked` is incompatible with Pytest 7. Therefore skip
`test_high_number_of_file_descriptors` which is the only test that uses
Benjamin Drung <> yes upstream 2022-12-13

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