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Status for python-docutils/0.20.1+dfsg-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
doc-debian-paths.diff change paths in documentation to match Debian's
Change paths in documentation to match Debian's. Debian policy recommends not
having extensions like .py on script names, and buildhtml seems too generic a
Simon McVittie <> not-needed 2023-05-20
testall-no-stdout-stderr-redirect.diff Don't copy test suite output to a log.
When running the test suite, don't copy stdout and stderr output to a log
file, as this would break under LC_ALL=C, PYTHONWARNINGS=d and python3.X.
Jakub Wilk <> not-needed 2011-09-18
move-data-to-usr-share.diff Allow all data files to be moved to /usr/share/docutils/. Jakub Wilk <> not-needed 2023-05-20
no-local-roman.diff Use the "roman" module from python-roman instead of the local copy. Michael Schutte <> not-needed 2017-09-19
static-help-message.diff make the help message not depend on runtime encoding
This message goes into manpage, and we do not want the manpage to misleadingly
mention build-time locale there.
Dmitry Shachnev <> no upstream 2023-05-20
manpage-literal-blocks.diff manpage writer: Use ``.EE`` and ``.EX`` macros for literal blocks "G. Branden Robinson" <> no upstream, 2023-08-02
source-date-epoch.diff Support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in date directive and "Generated on" line Dmitry Shachnev <> yes 2023-05-20
tbl-preprocessor.diff Enable tbl preprocessor for manpages that contain tables
Engelbert Gruber <> no upstream, commits 2023-11-18

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