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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
python3.11.patch Fix Python3.11 issue in tests Support for generator-based coroutines is deprecated and is removed in Python 3.11. Andreas Tille <> no 2024-02-08
python3.12.patch Replace distutils which is removed in Python3.12 Andreas Tille <> no debian 2024-02-08
numpy.patch no
mark_tests_requiring_network_skip.patch Do not try to access network while running tests Andreas Tille <> no 2024-02-08
exclude_wrong_usage_of_marshmallow.patch Seems there is some wrong usage of marshmallow happening ....
for attr_name in self._hooks[key]:
# This will be a bound method.
processor = getattr(self, attr_name)

processor_kwargs = processor.__marshmallow_hook__[key]
pass_original = processor_kwargs.get("pass_original", False)

if many and not pass_many:
if pass_original:
data = [
processor(item, original, many=many, **kwargs)
for item, original in zip(data, original_data)
data = [processor(item, many=many, **kwargs) for item in data]
if pass_original:
data = processor(data, original_data, many=many, **kwargs)
>data = processor(data, many=many, **kwargs)

FIXME: This needs to be investigated
Andreas Tille <> no 2024-02-08
excluded_for_unknown_reasons.patch Exclude all those remaining tests which break the test suite FIXME: This should be left for further investigation
I simply intended to run the test suite at all even if there are
unclear failures for the moment which will stay hidden if testing
is switched of at all
Andreas Tille <> no 2024-02-08

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