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kill-broken-test.patch Kill broken test
Thomas Goirand <> no 2018-02-16
fix-exception-using-py2-format.patch Fix exception using py2 format Thomas Goirand <> no 2020-04-24
Fix_tests_to_pass_with_SQLAlchemy-1.4.0.patch [PATCH] Fix tests to pass with SQLAlchemy>=1.4.0
I'm not *entirely* sure what's going on here, but it seems that when we
do something like

obj = OpaqueObject(...)
Session = sessionmaker(...)
session = Session()

the primary key (and maybe some foreign relations?) aren't automatically
populated on `obj` following the commit, and will attempt to lazy-load
on next reference. Since expire_on_commit defaults to True, the session
attached to `obj` (which is no longer the `session` in locals!) is closed
out when we later do

session = Session()
get_obj = session.query(OpaqueObject).filter(
ManagedObject.unique_identifier == obj.unique_identifier).one()

leading to a DetachedInstanceError.

There seem to be a few different ways we can fix this:

* Set expire_on_commit=False so the old session is still useful for the
* Re-use the same session instead of creating a new one.
* Explicitly refresh added objects post-commit.

Generally prefer the first one; there's some prior art to follow in
services/server/ Curiously, that same file runs into
trouble despite already setting expire_on_commit=False -- so do the
explicit refresh, on the assumption that there was a reason we went to
the trouble of creating a fresh session.

Closes #649
Tim Burke <> no 2021-09-21
py3.12-ssl_wrap_socket.patch fix ssl_wrap removed from python 3.12's
Rene Luria <> no debian 2023-12-19
fix-path-of-load_der_public_key.patch Fix path of load_der_public_key The function load_der_public_key should be used form serialization, not
from backend.

Thomas Goirand <> yes debian 2024-03-28
cryptography_39-support.patch Add cryptography >= 39.0.0 support The cryptography release 39.0.0 added a new parameter to the
backend.load_pem_private_key and backend.load_der_private_key
that's required. This patch uses the serialization method to load keys
because there the new parameter is optional.
This patch fixes the tests test_encrypt_decrypt_asymmetric

diff --git a/kmip/services/server/crypto/ b/kmip/services/server/crypto/
index 838e1b92..02a1c344 100644
Daniel Garcia Moreno <> no debian upstream, 2024-03-28

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