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0001-Remove-travis-ci-image-and-link-to-avoid-privacy-bre.patch Remove travis-ci image and link to avoid privacy breach Jan Dittberner <> no 2016-01-30 Remove calculated date from docs/ to support reproducible builds Jan Dittberner <> no 2016-01-30
0003-Fix-usage-of-semanticversion-to-intended-API.patch Fix usage of semanticversion to intended API.
The recent versions of python-semanticversion made changes to private
APIs, removing the interaction between `Version(x, partial=True)` and
`Spec()` (`partial=True` was designed for implementing the `Spec` class

The code used these classes to exclude ranges of version whose major
component didn't match a bugfix/issue range; the code went akin to:

Version('1', partial=True) in Spec('>=1.0')

This no longer works; this patch changes that behaviour to exclude
families where no actual release matches the bugfix/issue range - this
should be more accurate.

The patch also uses `Version.coerce`, the intended API to manage
non semver-compliant version strings.

The patch has been tested with both python-semanticversion==2.6.0 and
python-semanticversion==2.8.1; it can be included to an upgraded version
of `releases` even if users haven't yet upgraded python-semanticversion.
Raphaƫl Barrois <> no debian 2019-09-08

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