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reproducible_build.patch Make the build reproducible
Chris Lamb <> yes 2017-04-15
Adapt-to-new-jsonschema-versions.patch Adapt to new jsonschema versions This change provides fixes that were dectected by unit
test failures with new jsonschema (and py310).
The types argument has been removed in favor of providing a
type_checker to jsonschema.validators.extend:

diff --git a/taskflow/utils/ b/taskflow/utils/
index 8d7c216..758fa7b 100644
Corey Bryant <> no upstream, 2022-08-02
py3.11_Fix-test_while_is_not.patch [PATCH] Fix test_while_is_not with python 3.11 The test_while_is_not function relied on strings and literals to test
the 'while_is_not' function. But the while_is_not function uses the 'is'
operator to test the equivalency of 2 objects.
This triggers a bug with python 3.11 where using 'is' with literals is
not advised (it is not recommended since python 3.8 [0]).
The test now uses objects from a specific class to evaluate the
while_is_not function.

diff --git a/taskflow/tests/unit/ b/taskflow/tests/unit/
index c4109d8..3a37717 100644
Gregory Thiemonge <> no debian upstream, 2022-12-09

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