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Status for pyzmq/24.0.1-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
noncopysend-test.patch don't use uninitialized memory for test
the memory could contain signalling NaN which crashes sparc python
Julian Taylor <> not-needed 2015-10-08
cffi-fix.patch check package root for cffi binaries
cffi checks __pycache__ for binaries which is cleaned by pypy
installation so packages can't ship in there.

Instead ship in package root and patch module finding to look in there.
Also use fixed path in a place passed to cffi to get the same checksum
in build and install. After it is installed no build is needed so it
doesn't matter if its wrong.

This patch assumes pypy 2.2 api, won't work with 2.1 as so_suffices is
no list.
SVN-Git Migration <> yes upstream 2015-10-08
skip_large_send skip large send test
to avoid swapping on low memory machines
Julian Taylor <> no 2016-08-24
bump-poll-timeout-auth-test.patch Bump poll timeout to avoid test error on slower machines

Not forwarded yet because this is hard to reproduce outside of the Ubuntu
autopkgtest infrastructure and we first want to see if it helps our case.
Andreas Hasenack <> no 2019-07-18
increase-timeout.patch Increase timeout on test which otherwise causes timeouts sometimes (flaky) Nilesh Patra <> no debian 2023-01-13

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