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Status for qiskit-aer/0.4.1-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update Remove deps and autoinstall from
* remove the autoinstallation via subprocess invocation
* remove extra arguments to setup()
"Diego M. Rodriguez" <> no 2020-01-23
0002-Find-numpy-directly-instead-of-via-skbuild-helper.patch Find numpy directly instead of via skbuild helper
Find the numpy include dirs directly instead of using the helper, as the
helper is part of skbuild and not available in Debian at the moment.
"Diego M. Rodriguez" <> no 2020-02-21
0003-Trim-included-package-data-in-setup-py.patch Trim included package_data in
Manually include the package_data selectively in
"Diego M. Rodriguez" <> no 2020-02-22
0004-Do-not-use-pkg-config-for-muparserx-library.patch Do not use pkg-config for muparserx library "Diego M. Rodriguez" <> no 2020-03-06
0005-Disable-Cython-based-solver-during-tests.patch Disable Cython-based solver during tests
Disable the usage of the Cython solver during
"Diego M. Rodriguez" <> no 2020-03-09
0006-Remove-QiskitAerTestCase.assertNoLogs.patch Remove QiskitAerTestCase.assertNoLogs
Remove the `assertNoLogs` function and the context manager, as the
implementation dependend on `_AssertLogsContext` which was moved in
Python 3.9.

Changes ported from original upstream fix at [1].
"Diego M. Rodriguez" <> no 2021-05-04

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