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Status for qiskit-terra/0.12.0-4

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0001-Avoid-forcing-cython-installation-use-build_ext.patch Avoid forcing cython installation, use build_ext
Avoid forcing cython installation via invoking "pip" in a shell if not

Use "Cython.Build.build_ext" instead of "cythonize", as the latter
automatically attempts to produce the intermediate Cython .cpp files
upon the invocation of "" regardless of the arguments passed to
"Diego M. Rodriguez" <> no 2019-10-22
0002-Simplify-networkx-dependency-declaration.patch Simplify networkx dependency declaration
Simplify the declaring of "networkx" dependency by removing the
qualifiers for specific Python versions, allowing the dependency to
be automatically picked up by dh_python.
"Diego M. Rodriguez" <> no 2020-03-23 Trim included package_data in
Manually include the package_data selectively in, to avoid
including Cython source files.
"Diego M. Rodriguez" <> no 2020-03-23
0004-Fix-numpy-1.19.0-pulse-error-upstream-backport.patch Fix numpy==1.19.0 pulse error (upstream backport)
Fix a failure during `TestSamplePulse.test_pulse_limits` that is
triggered by using `numpy==1.19.0`. Earlier and higher versions (in
particular 1.19.1) seem not to be affected. This change is a backport
from an original upstream fix [1]: credit and thanks to Thomas

"Diego M. Rodriguez" <> no 2020-08-15
python3.9.patch Adapt to the new location of the private _AssertLogsContext class in Python 3.9

Upstream has started to look at 3.9 support in but haven't fixed this, yet.
Stefano Rivera <> no debian
fix-matplot.patch no
skip-circuit-init-tests.patch no

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