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Status for qpsmtpd/0.94-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
pod2man-utf8.patch diff -aru qpsmtpd-0.94.orig/lib/ qpsmtpd-0.94/lib/ no
upgrading-pod2man-lint.patch diff -aruN qpsmtpd-0.94.orig/UPGRADING.pod qpsmtpd-0.94/UPGRADING.pod no
auth_ldap_bind-syntax.patch diff -aruN qpsmtpd-0.94.orig/plugins/auth/auth_ldap_bind qpsmtpd-0.94/plugins/auth/auth_ldap_bind no
pre0.94-checkplugins.patch diff -aruN qpsmtpd-0.94.orig/plugins/check_badmailfrom qpsmtpd-0.94/plugins/check_badmailfrom no
received_line_hook.patch Fix the received_line hook When the received_line hook returned a result, the calling method
returned the new line instead of adding it to the header (see Debian
bug #933679)
Peter J. Holzer <> no 2023-08-20

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