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disable-doxygen-timestamp.patch Turn off HTML_TIMESTAMP.
This is needed to make qt-gstreamer build reproducably.
Diane Trout <> no 2016-08-09
find_gstconfig_properly.diff apply gstreamer pkg-config definitions
To ensure gstreamer builds correctly, pick up its cflags in FindGstreamer
and apply them to the build as definitions
=?utf-8?q?Jos=C3=A9_Manuel_Santamar=C3=ADa?= <> yes vendor, 2016-08-09
upstream_workaround_boost_ftbfs.diff Workaround build failures with boost>=1.57 and moc
Otherwise I get the following error message:
Parse error at "BOOST_JOIN"'. See for details.

The old workaround to define BOOST_TT_HAS_OPERATOR_HPP_INCLUDED
doesn't seem to work here.
Heiko Becker <> no 2014-11-07
Furter-workarounds-for-build-failures-now-boost-1.61-and-.patch Furter workarounds for build failures (now boost>=1.61 and moc)
Otherwise I get the following error message:
Parse error at "BOOST_JOIN"'.

Now the header: boost/type_traits.hpp also triggers the issue.
Maximiliano Curia <> no 2016-08-09
gstreamer-1.16.patch QGst/caps: compilation fix from

Because the macro version of gst_caps_copy() confuses the C++ compiler
George Kiagiadakis <> no 2019-09-07
qt-gstreamer-1.18.patch diff --git a/src/QGst/event.cpp b/src/QGst/event.cpp
index 0530f0b..260a909 100644
Drop-unnecessary-volatile-qualifier-from-g_once_init_ente.patch Drop unnecessary volatile qualifier from g_once_init_enter() argument

When compiling with gcc, g_once_init_enter() is a macro implemented
in terms of gcc's C++11-style atomic operations. Since gcc 11 it is
considered to be an error to pass a volatile pointer to these built-in

The volatile qualifier appears to have been added as a result of a
past misunderstanding about whether volatile is beneficial for
thread-safety in C/C++ (it is not).
Simon McVittie <> no debian 2022-07-22

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