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0029-Add-label-group-field-to-display-label-detail.patch [PATCH 28/32] Add label group field to display label detail
Modern UIs often display contacts in sections grouped by the first
letter of their first (or last, depending on platform and locale
preferences) name.

This commit adds a label group field to the display label detail
which allows a locale-specific label group to be stored for each
contact and exposed to clients.
Chris Adams <> no 2019-05-17
0030-Provide-interface-for-accessing-all-extended-metadat.patch [PATCH 29/32] Provide interface for accessing all extended metadata from collections Chris Adams <> no 2019-05-17
0031-Accessors-should-be-const.patch [PATCH 30/32] Accessors should be const Chris Adams <> no 2020-07-01
0010-Use-QRegularExpression-instead-of-the-deprecated-QRe.patch [PATCH 10/32] Use QRegularExpression instead of the deprecated QRegExp Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-01
0011-Remove-usage-of-deprecated-QLatin1Literal.patch [PATCH 11/32] Remove usage of deprecated QLatin1Literal Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-01
0012-Fix-QList-from-QSet-conversions.patch [PATCH 12/32] Fix QList-from-QSet conversions Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-01
0013-Remove-usage-of-deprecated-QtAlgorithms.patch [PATCH 13/32] Remove usage of deprecated QtAlgorithms Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-01
0014-Add-missing-include.patch [PATCH 14/32] Add missing include Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-01
0015-Remove-usage-of-deprecated-API-from-the-declarative-.patch [PATCH 15/32] Remove usage of deprecated API from the declarative plugins Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-01
0016-More-QDateTime-QDate-QDate-startOfDay-fixes.patch [PATCH 16/32] More QDateTime(QDate) -> QDate::startOfDay() fixes Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-01
0017-Adjust-unit-test-to-account-for-QList-index-from-int.patch [PATCH 17/32] Adjust unit test to account for QList index from int to qsizetype change Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-13
0018-Remove-invalid-method-overload-which-confuses-the-QM.patch [PATCH 18/32] Remove invalid method overload which confuses the QML engine

Related to QTBUG-87616
Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-15
0019-Specify-enum-flag-type-properly-in-unit-test.patch [PATCH 19/32] Specify enum flag type properly in unit test Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-28
0020-Remove-unused-method-in-unit-test.patch [PATCH 20/32] Remove unused method in unit test Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-28
0021-Update-qHash-methods-to-return-size_t-instead-of-uin.patch [PATCH 21/32] Update qHash methods to return size_t instead of uint Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-29
0022-Mark-virtual-methods-with-override-keyword.patch [PATCH 22/32] Mark virtual methods with override keyword Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-29
0023-Fix-calendardemo-example.patch [PATCH 23/32] Fix calendardemo example Chris Adams <> no 2020-11-02
0024-Make-the-tests-pass-on-big-endian-systems.patch [PATCH 24/32] Make the tests pass on big endian systems
Make sure the generated item IDs are the same as on little endian
systems, e.g. 05000000 and not 00000005.
Dmitry Shachnev <> no 2020-10-31
0025-Add-dependencies.yaml-for-CI.patch [PATCH 25/32] Add dependencies.yaml for CI Chris Adams <> no 2020-10-16
0026-Bump-sha1s-in-dependencies.yaml.patch [PATCH 26/32] Bump sha1s in dependencies.yaml Chris Adams <> no 2021-02-12
0027-Fix-some-deprecated-QChar-constructor-issues-in-unit.patch [PATCH 27/32] Fix some deprecated QChar constructor issues in unit tests Chris Adams <> no 2021-02-12
0028-Ensure-we-throw-away-the-BOM-in-the-qversitreader-te.patch [PATCH 38/44] Ensure we throw away the BOM in the qversitreader test
The BOM will only be emitted from the very first call to
encoder->fromUnicode(), and thus since we compare the output from
one invocation to the output of another, we need to ensure that
the BOM is not included in the result of either.

However, previously we attempted to do this by passing a null
QString into fromUnicode(), however it seems that now it ignores
such input. Hence, we need to give it some dummy input in the
first call to fromUnicode() to force it to "spend" its BOM output.

Rebased against kde/5.15: Mike Gabriel <>
Chris Adams <> no 2021-03-05
0032-Enforce-detail-access-constraints-in-contact-operati.patch [PATCH 31/32] Enforce detail access constraints in contact operations by default

Previously, Irremovable constraints were enforced but ReadOnly
constraints were not, for in-memory contact detail operations.

While it is simple to work around any constraints simply by recreating
an identical contact (including id) in-memory, and then saving the
modified detail into that contact, we should enforce the constraints
consistently, and provide API to allow the user to ignore the
constraints for the in-memory operations if they desire (thus leaving
enforcement up to the backend).
Chris Adams <> no 2020-07-23 [PATCH 32/32] Set PLUGIN_CLASS_NAME in .pro files
This resolves the erronous generation of Qt5Contacts_.cmake,
Qt5Organizer_.cmake & Qt5Versit_.cmake by setting proper names to the
Luca Weiss <> no 2020-07-29
1001_fix-qtdatetime-null-comparison.patch Fix unit test tst_QContactManager::compareVariant_dataComment:
This partially reverts upstream commit
This patch was not necessary with Qt 5.12, but is so with Qt 5.14.
Mike Gabriel <> no
1002_Avoid-crash-while-parsing-vcards-from-different-threads.patch Avoid crash while parsing vCards from different threads.
=== modified file 'src/versit/qversitreader_p.cpp'
Ubuntu Touch Developers yes
1003_adapt_to_json_parser_change.patch adapt to JSON parser behavior change in Qt 5.15 QJsonValue will expose input like "2.0" as an integral type as
the value can be perfectly expressed as an integral.
See the discussion in
no 2020-10-31
2000_revert_module_version.patch Revert module version zeroing Trying to revert the zeroing since the crash seems to be related to
the version number.

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