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0001-Unset-mouseGrabberPopup-if-it-s-removed-from-childre.patch [PATCH] Unset mouseGrabberPopup if it's removed from children
The mouseGrabberPopup is supposed to be unset in handleRelease, however
when the exit transition of the mouseGrabberPopup (that closed itself on
button press) finishes before the release event is delivered, it
unparents itself from the overlay (see
QQuickPopupPrivate::finalizeExitTransition) and the overlay sets itself
invisible if there is nothing else visible in it. Because the overlay
is not visible it handles no events anymore and the release is missed
and the grabber is never unset. When opening another non-modal popup
the overlay then will continue forwarding the events to now invisible
So when the overlay loses the currently grabbing popup as a child we need
to reset mouseGrabberPopup.

(adapted from commit d07ee1345acd8100fa5cbb7f05c0aaf5f87f4cae)

(cherry picked from commit 1a59ef4218658ffc476909ef4fca13d6cf86d04b)
David Redondo <> no 2021-07-19
0002-Ensure-we-don-t-crash-when-changing-sizes-after-clea.patch [PATCH] Ensure we don't crash when changing sizes after cleanup
This addresses the problems I've seen during destruction. Only
encountered it when using complex layouts on a DialogButtonBox.

(cherry picked from commit 8b24d2bf1655e8491bdd74013579e09cd009e8fc in
Aleix Pol <> no 2022-01-04
0007-implement-a11y-pressing-of-qquickabstractbutton.patch [PATCH] implement a11y pressing of qquickabstractbutton
this adds a pressAction default implementation that simply calls trigger
(which in turn either triggers the action or emits a click), allowing
accessibility tools to issue a button press via a11y api.

(cherry picked from commit 705659eaaf47af72eeb5f5c742e18a5c665a76eb in
Harald Sitter <> no 2022-11-02
0008-Fix-the-popup-position-of-a-Menu.patch [PATCH] Fix the popup position of a Menu
QPA code should operate in native coord.
Treat QWidgetPlatformMenu::showPopup's input as native coord.

(cherry picked from commit f8cf17166c9af147f0b8fea72f5b4a8a6098a5d7 in
Inho Lee <> no 2022-08-22
disable_fontless_examples_build.patch disable examples using fontello fonts. There are two examples using the embedded fontello font. As the fonts is not
in it's preferred form of modification we needed to remove them. Also the
fonts are not letters, so they can not be replaced with another one.
So we disable the build of this to examples.
Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer <> not-needed debian

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