Debian Patches

Status for rancid/3.13-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_rancid_par.patch Moves par(1) to rancid_par(1), compare #163074 Roland Rosenfeld <> not-needed debian
02_man_hyphen.patch Fix hyphens used as minus signs in several man pages. Roland Rosenfeld <> yes
03_diffstat.patch add diffstat output to changes e-mail (Closes: #357218) Roland Rosenfeld <> yes debian
04_pixlogin.patch Allow additional option "add login" in .cloginrc to allow login to Cisco PIX via SSH instead of using enable. Emre Bastuz <> yes
05_man_fixup.patch Comment out unknown commands .El, .Bl, and .ID in man pages. Roland Rosenfeld <> yes
06_tmp_security.patch Fix some temp file security vulnerabilities by using mktemp(1) or moving the lockfiles or tempfiles to /var/lib/rancid, where they
should be safe.
Roland Rosenfeld <> yes debian
07_nrancid_bs_paging.patch Fix "--- more ---" & backspace style paging on netscreen devices. (Closes: #520899) Vaclav Ovsik <> no debian
13_CFLAGS.patch Remove CFLAGS setting from bin/Makefile.{in|am} to allow debhelper to set them for hardening. Roland Rosenfeld <> not-needed
22_juniper_timestamps.patch Remove lines from juniper configuration that are changed because of timestamps every day. Christian Hammers <> no
23_configure.vers_path.patch Call configure.vers with local dir path. Roland Rosenfeld <> no
25_rancid-cgi.patch Fix some file locations in lg.conf Jesse Norell <> no
26_cgi-path.patch Fix links between html files and cgi files. Roland Rosenfeld <> not-needed
29_reproducible_ENV_PATH.patch Hard code ENV_PATH in config files instead of generating it via autoconf to make package reproducible (Closes: #915847). Roland Rosenfeld <> not-needed debian 2019-01-01
30_autoconf_ping.patch Override ping test in autoconf code, since ping localhost sometimes fails on reproducible build environments. Roland Rosenfeld <> not-needed 2019-01-01
31_acme.patch Add support for Oracle ACME session border controller. Roland Rosenfeld <> yes 2022-09-28

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