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Status for rarpd/0.981107-9

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
001_from_0.981107_4.diff Changes present in rarpd_0.981107-4. Junichi Uekawa <> Marco d'Itri <> no 2001-07-29
001_manual_page.diff Manual page rarpd(8). The manual page rarpd(8) is missing in the source
archive but exists as adocument of the same authors.
Jakub Jelinek <>
no 2000-04-07
002_from_0.981107_6.diff Silence compiler warnings. Missing header file inclusion.
Print expected network adapter name.
Junichi Uekawa <> no 2004-03-12
003_from_0.981107_7.diff Silence compiler warning. Use proper type for socket address length. Junichi Uekawa <> no 2006-11-23
010_standard_conventions.diff Conventions and portability. Alter the make file to reflect better the
expected standards.
Minor improvments on the source code,
including a logging message.
Select improvements to the manual page,
mentioning capabilities in the existing
source code, but which were not expressed
in the existing manual page. Most importantly,
mention the use of SIGHUP.

diff -Naurp rarpd-0.981107.debian/Makefile rarpd-0.981107/Makefile
Mats Erik Andersson <> no 2011-12-18
015_notsock_and_debugging.diff Debug messages and invalid sockets. Attempt at identifying invalid socket descriptors,
and deactivate them after detection. This should
avoid message flooding in case of ENOTSOCK.
Implement the changes needed to make debug mode useful,
printing to the console, and verbosely.
The verbose mode, as introduced by the Debian package
no later than rarpd_0.981107-4, was the only way to
initialize TMPBUF and TMPNAME in serve_it().
Yet these two variables were used also in non-verbose
mode to send a response notification using syslog().
Now we always execute the code block which initializes
both variables, but we tell syslog about an incoming
request only in verbose mode, and we always report
about an outgoing response packet.

diff -Naurp rarpd-0.981107.debian2/rarpd.8 rarpd-0.981107/rarpd.8
Mats Erik Andersson <> no debian 2013-06-20
017_respond_to_arp.diff Activate ARP-packaged requests. The original source correctly implements a filter
for capturing reverse requests sent as ARP-packages,
but the corresponding socket is never polled for
incoming messages. This is caused by incorrect
setting of PSIZE. Amend this.
The original source replies with an ARP-packaged
response, to an ARP-packaged request. This is
reasonable, so it is left intact.
Add also a marker "(ARP-packet)" to the syslog message
reporting the undertaken action for this exceptional

diff -Naurp rarpd-0.981107.debian3/rarpd.c rarpd-0.981107/rarpd.c
Mats Erik Andersson <> no debian 2013-06-20
020_manual_page.diff Describe image checks. Add to the existing manual page some
clarifying text on how the daemon
locates image files, as this check
is one step for the daemon to decide
to answer a request, or not.
Add text explaining the use of '-A'
and give some background.
Expand the Files section slightly.
Mats Erik Andersson <> no 2013-06-20

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