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0001-add-with-menu.patch add --with-menu
This patch adds an --with-menu that allows one to specify a menu command
that will be available with :menu and with "C-t ."

* add --with-menu to specify a menu program
* src/action.c: add menu alias and binding if menu specified
* src/main.c: tell menu command if menu specified
"Bernhard R. Link" <> no 2005-01-15
0002-add-removeleft-up-right-down-commands.patch add removeleft/up/right/down commands
This patch adds new removeleft/up/right/down commands to extend the current
frame in the given direction, removing all frames in the way.
Default key-bindings are C-t M-arrow-keys.

* src/split.c: new functions enlarge_frame_{left,up,right,down}
to enlarge a frame in a given direction, optionally removing all
direct adjacent frames.
(remove_frame): moved code to new rotine maximaize_all_in_frame.
(find_frame_{left,up,right,down}): try harder to find a frame in
the specified direction. (So that it also works with parts of
the screen not being in any frame).

* src/split.h: added prototypes for enlarge_frame_{left,up,right,down}

* src/actions.c: Added cmd_remove{left,up,right,down} calling
enlarge_frame_*, added C-t M-{Left,Right,Up,Down} as keybindings.

* doc/ratpoison.1: Document the new commands and keybindings.
"Bernhard R. Link" <> no 2019-01-28
0003-manpage-layout-fixes.patch manpage layout fixes "Bernhard R. Link" <> no 2014-05-04

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