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01_Makefile.PL.patch - no
02_fix_empty_attachments_identified_as_spam.patch A MIME message with multipart/alternative body (text/plain and text/html)
and binary application/octet-stream attachment may be falsely identified as

There's no text in message body; Razor2::Client::Core::compute_sigs()
should ignore empty text/plain part, but it doesn't because a certain regex
is too strict.

It so happens that that empty body is in Razor database, and is marked as
spam (e4 sig: ui-ZAL0e9rWPUDaa4GWPttamsYEA).
03_accept_relative_path.patch Do not chdir and so accept relative paths no
use-Digest-SHA.patch Use Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1 Salvatore Bonaccorso <> invalid upstream vendor 2011-05-21
INSTALLMAN5DIR.patch EUMM in perl 5.22 adds a ". Adjust regexp. gregor herrmann <> no vendor 2015-12-10

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