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0001_src-uccs-server.c-Inject-another-artificial-nm_state.patch [PATCH 1/2] src/uccs-server.c: Inject another artificial nm_state_changed() callback after UCCS config file has been fully parsed-in.

Fixes ArcticaProject/arctica-greeter#10.

Another fix is needed in Arctica Greeter, though. With this fix, the
UCCS query happens immediately, if network connectivity is already
available. However, the Remote Logon box still does not get shown,
but with this commit, the issue now becomes an Arctica Greeter UI
Mike Gabriel <> no 2018-06-16
1001_usr-bin-merge.patch [PATCH] tests/server-test: fix the tests on usr-merged systems
The testsuite is failing on Ubuntu builders as they operate with /bin a
symlink to /usr/bin. As a result, depending on how you resolve it, `ls`
can either be `/bin/ls` or `/usr/bin/ls`. Since Debian also seems to
transition to such a setup, it might be wise to simply relax the tests.
Simon Chopin <> no 2022-10-24

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