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Status for rgbpaint/0.8.7-6.1

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01-install_paths.diff Implement standard installation path modifiers. The upstream source has a build system that polutes file paths
with quotation marks. This is inappropriate for UNIX systems,
and it interferes with the next alteration.
Introduce a standard prefix DESTDIR for installation paths.

diff -Naur rgbpaint-0.8.7.orig/configure rgbpaint-0.8.7/configure
Mats Erik Andersson <> invalid 2010-11-09
02-build_system_and_bashisms.diff Tidy configure script and install a program icon. Insert an explicit shebang in the configure script.
Remove some immediate bashisms in test conditionals.
Thus the script works with Dash.
Output a variable PREFIX into the configurator `_conf.txt'.
This makes it possible to install a program icon, existent
in the source archive, into `$PREFIX/share/pixmaps/'.

diff -Naur rgbpaint-0.8.7.debian/configure rgbpaint-0.8.7/configure
Mats Erik Andersson <> invalid 2010-11-13
03-swedish_po_file.diff Contruct a missing translation for Swedish. The upstream has a limited supply of translations for the
Gettext subsystem. The lack of Swedish is particularly felt!

diff -Naur rgbpaint-0.8.7.debian/po/Makefile rgbpaint-0.8.7/po/Makefile
Mats Erik Andersson <> invalid 2010-11-09
04-manpage.diff Lintian warnings regarding hyphenation in manual page. Mats Erik Andersson <> not-needed 2010-11-09
05-compiler_warnings.diff Resolve compiler warnings. In `png.c' a buffer size is incorrectly set.
Signedness discrepancies are covered in `memory.h', `memory.c',
and `toolbar.c'.

diff -Naurp rgbpaint-0.8.7.debian/src/png.c rgbpaint-0.8.7/src/png.c
Mats Erik Andersson <> invalid 2010-11-13
06-castings_for_amd64.diff Type castings for 64 bit systems. A handful source files are using pointers to convey integer data.
These need to be cast into `long int' in order to pass silently
also for systems based on 64 bit architectures.

diff -Naurp rgbpaint-0.8.7.orig/src/canvas.c rgbpaint-0.8.7/src/canvas.c
Mats Erik Andersson <> invalid 2010-11-21
07-option_handling.diff Inferior option handling leads to segfaults. The sequential testing of command line options is easily
provoked into producing segmentation faults. Leaving an
option whithout the expected argument is sufficient.
Argument sanitation and short circuits in the loop
constitute a satisfactory cure.

diff -Naurp rgbpaint-0.8.7.orig/src/main.c rgbpaint-0.8.7/src/main.c
Mats Erik Andersson <> invalid 2010-12-09
08-fallback_icons_and_size.diff Prefer fallback icons when possible. When the program was given the option `-svg' for
importing task icons, icons missing in the imported
set could be replaced by the non-expressive pencil icon,
forgetting the actual purpose of the particular image.
Only those cases where the default setting was using
the stock GTK icons were ever touched by this behaviour.
Now the GTK stock icon is recovered, should no new icon
be imported for a particular action, and there be no
icon tailored by rgbPaint to replace it.
In addition, any imported icon is scaled to a size that exactly
agrees with the default icons, thus preserving appearances

diff -Naurp rgbpaint-0.8.7.orig/src/toolbar.c rgbpaint-0.8.7/src/toolbar.c
Mats Erik Andersson <> invalid 2010-12-09
09-make_background_transparent.diff Program icon with transparent background. The originally black background is made transparent. Bernhard R. Link <> not-needed 2011-03-31
10-fix_lib_underlinkage.diff Missing linkage, FTBFS with clang. A missing linker directive to use libm leads
to build failure with llvm/clang.

diff -pruN 0.8.7-3/src/Makefile 0.8.7-3ubuntu1/src/Makefile
Daniel T Chen <> no debian 2013-04-18
11-hardening_errors.diff FTBFS with hardened builds The enforcement of hardened builds uncovers
a small number of errors:
Possibly tainted format strings.
Build system disregards CPPFLAGS during compilation.
Mats Erik Andersson <> no 2013-05-25
12-build_portability.diff Build failures. Ignore a missing '_conf.txt' while cleaning.
Do not assume Gcc to be the active compiler.
Check $CC and use 'cc' as default. This will
hopefully manage also 'clang'.

diff -Naurp rgbpaint-0.8.7.debian/configure rgbpaint-0.8.7/configure
Mats Erik Andersson <> not-needed debian 2013-09-27

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