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forwarded/Port-to-Python-3.patch Port to Python 3
Python 2 is going to be EOL soon, so we need to use the current
version of the language going forward; thankfully, getting the
application to run on Python 3 only requires tweaking a couple
of imports.
Andrea Bolognani <> invalid 2019-12-07
forwarded/Simplify-imports.patch Simplify imports
Importing a whole module using a wildcard is frowned upon, and it
confuses static analysis tools such as pyflakes.
Andrea Bolognani <> invalid 2012-01-30
forwarded/Fix-flake8-warnings.patch Fix flake8 warnings
The only remaining issues reported by the tool are E501 line too long (81 > 79 characters) E501 line too long (83 > 79 characters)

but I think addressing them would actually make the code less
readable, so I decided not to.
Andrea Bolognani <> invalid 2019-12-07
forwarded/Make-sure-external-commands-are-available.patch Make sure external commands are available
External commands are not guaranteed to be available on the
system, so test for their existence before running them.
Andrea Bolognani <> invalid 2012-02-01
forwarded/Call-external-commands-via-Popen.patch Call external commands via Popen
Use the subprocess.Popen() method instead on relying on the less
secure os.system() method when calling external commands.

This also allows us to stop using an insecure temporary file and
notify the user if printing failed.
Andrea Bolognani <> invalid 2012-02-01
forwarded/Support-lp-along-with-lpr-for-printing.patch Support lp along with lpr for printing
The original printing implementation only supports the lpr
command; this patch add support for printing with lp as well.
Andrea Bolognani <> invalid 2012-02-01
forwarded/Set-print-job-name.patch Set print job name
When printing from standard input, the job name defaults to "stdin".

This patch adds some parameters to the lp/lpr call to provide the
user with a more descriptive name.
Andrea Bolognani <> invalid 2012-02-01
forwarded/Set-class-name.patch Set class name
The default class name for Tk application is "Tk".

This patch sets it to "Rhinote", so the correct application name
is displayed in such places as the GNOME Shell top bar.
Andrea Bolognani <> invalid 2012-02-01
forwarded/Fix-window-title.patch Fix window title
After loading or saving a file, the window title is updated to
show its path; in one situation, however, a spurious closing
parenthesis would show up as well.
Andrea Bolognani <> invalid 2019-12-08

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