Debian Patches

Status for ros-geometry2/0.7.6-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Added-CMakeLists-to-build-the-package.patch Added CMakeLists to build the package Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda <> no 2015-04-29
0002-Add-Debian-specific-SONAME.patch Add Debian specific SONAME Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda <> no 2015-04-29
0005-Don-t-set-RPATH-on-tf2_py-Python-library-Debian-spec.patch Don't set RPATH on tf2_py Python library (Debian specific)
Somehow cmake loses the tf2_py file when removing RPATHs upon
installation. We assume that files are installed into their default
location and don't need an RPATH accordingly.
Jochen Sprickerhof <> no 2015-12-24
0005-Debian-only-strip-Python-dependencies-as-we-split-th.patch Debian only: strip Python dependencies as we split the packages Jochen Sprickerhof <> no 2018-12-08
0006-Debian-only-remove-tf2_ros-from-tf2_geometry_msgs.patch Debian only: remove tf2_ros from tf2_geometry_msgs
Only the Python python part depends on it.
Jochen Sprickerhof <> no 2018-12-08
0007-Make-Python-version-variable-for-pybuild.patch Make Python version variable for pybuild Jochen Sprickerhof <> no 2020-04-06
0008-Remove-duplicate-link-against-orocos-kdl.patch Remove duplicate link against orocos-kdl =?utf-8?q?Timo_R=C3=B6hling?= <> no 2021-10-12
0009-Disable-failing-tests.patch Disable failing tests Jochen Sprickerhof <> no 2021-10-27
0011-Mitigate-flakey-test-in-tf2_ros-II.patch Mitigate flakey test in tf2_ros II Jochen Sprickerhof <> no 2021-12-22

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