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no-git-in-gemspec.patch No git in gemspec

Replace calls to 'git' in gemspec by explicit lists of files.
Jongmin Kim <> not-needed 2019-06-03
skip-cache-path-tests.patch Skip the cache path related tests

During Debian packaging, the cache path related tests raise failures.

Test failures were raised by:
* test_no_write_permission_to_cache
* test_can_open_read_only_cache

Both tests use a path generated by `Help.cache_path()` (from
`test_helper.rb`) during test, which could be differ with a real path
generated by Bootsnap C extension. During the test, the cache paths
generated by Bootsnap C extension comes randomly.

At this time, this issue was raised only on the Debian packaging
environment (dpkg-buildpackage, sbuild, pbuilder, ...). Previous
versions in Debian also have this issue, but there was no bug reported
on the Debian BTS (and also on the upstream issue tracker).

So I'll skip the tests at this time. This bug was reported to upstream.

This patch will skip the tests related to cache path.
Jongmin Kim <> yes upstream 2019-06-15
0004-Gemfile-relax-dependency-on-rubocop.patch Gemfile: relax dependency on rubocop Antonio Terceiro <> no 2022-05-01

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