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Status for ruby-escape-utils/1.2.1-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
remove-bundler.patch do not use bundler in test/helper Pirate Praveen <> no vendor 2014-04-10
fix-tests-for-ruby-2.5.patch CGI.escape does not escape "~" since Ruby 2.5. no
0003-Do-not-test-URI-stdlib-compatibility-with-ruby3.0.patch Do not test URI stdlib compatibility with ruby3.0
In ruby3.0 was removed the method URI.escape:

There is no reason/way to test the compatibility anymore, so let's run the test
against ruby2.7 only for now. Upstream seems to be dead, last commit from more
than 5 years ago, because of that I did not spend the time to forward to it.
Lucas Kanashiro <> no debian 2021-10-28

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