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Status for ruby-foreman/0.87.2-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-spec_helper-fix-running-tests-on-Debian.patch spec_helper: fix running tests on Debian
Fixes running tests against installed package, and also against
different Ruby interpreters.
Antonio Terceiro <> not-needed 2015-02-04
0002-Add-missing-.env-file-required-for-tests.patch Add missing .env file required for tests Antonio Terceiro <> not-needed 2015-02-04
0003-spec_helper-don-t-delete-tmp-after-each-test.patch spec_helper: don't delete /tmp after each test
For some reason that I could not investigate yet, in some situations (e.g. when
running the tests under autopkgtest/lxc) this is causing the real /tmp to be
deleted. There must be a race condition somewhere.
Antonio Terceiro <> no 2021-02-19
0004-Rename-usage-of-Dir-File.exists-to-exist.patch Rename usage of Dir/File.exists to exist
The singular methods were deprecated long ago and finally removed in Ruby 3.2.0.
Qiu Chaofan <> yes upstream 2022-12-26
0005-Fix-FTBFS-with-Ruby-3.2.patch Fix FTBFS with Ruby 3.2
Replace File.exists? with File.exist?
Lucas Kanashiro <> no 2024-02-22

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