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Status for ruby-gitlab/4.17.0-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
use-installed-libraries.patch Use installed libraries Sophie Brun <> no 2017-09-21
relax-dependency-terminal-table.patch relax dependency in gemspecs on terminal-table gem to allow the next major upstream version C├ędric Boutillier <> not-needed 2021-01-25
0003-Ruby-3-support-615.patch Ruby 3 support (#615)
* Remove warning: instance variable @json_output not initialized

* Ruby 3 support.

More specific for method_missing: Keyword arguments are separated from other argument

* Need to remove the original one, duh.

* Remove trailing whitespace

* Use normalcase for variable numbers.

* Prefer single-quoted strings when you don't need string interpolation or special symbols.

* Do not use parentheses for method calls with no arguments

* Refactored out use of `eval`.

* Add empty line after guard clause

* As suggested, use Gem::Version to compare Ruby version numbers.
Koen Van der Auwera <> no debian backport, 2021-05-17

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