Debian Patches

Status for ruby-hdfeos5/1.2-11

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Fix-NArray-Library-Path.patch Fix NArray Library Path
In Debian, NArray was installed $vendorarchdir.
This patch fix search path for NArray.
Debian GIS Project <> invalid 2013-07-05
0002-Fix-test-data-path.patch Fix test data path Debian GIS Project <> invalid 2013-07-05
0003-Fix-printf-debugging.patch Fix printf debugging Youhei SASAKI <> invalid 2013-07-05
0004-hdf5-dir.patch hdf5-dir Debian GIS Project <> invalid 2015-09-04
0005-length-typo.patch Fix 'lengh' typo, replace with 'length'. Bas Couwenberg <> invalid 2021-10-20
0006-hid_t.patch Add support for HDF5 1.10.

hid_t type changed from 32-bit to a 64-bit value.
Gilles Filippini <> invalid debian 2021-10-20
0007-Drop-obsolete-rb_secure-rb_safe_level.patch Drop obsolete rb_secure, rb_safe_level Youhei SASAKI <> invalid 2021-10-20
0008-Change-Encoding-Shift_JIS-to-UTF-8.patch Change Encoding: Shift_JIS to UTF-8 Youhei SASAKI <> invalid 2021-11-02

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