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Status for ruby-hikidoc/0.1.0-3

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01_correct_licence specify correct license in gemspec This package is licensed under the 3-clause BSD licence, and the appropriate licence is included (in COPYING). However, the gemspec states it is under the MIT licence. This has been corrected upstream, but the change did not make it into the 0.1.0 release.
This patch can be safely removed when a new upstream release (> 0.1.0) is imported.
Caitlin Matos <> no upstream, 2014-07-29
02_textformattingrules replace external image with DFSG-compliant logo The syntax reference for HikiDoc requires an image from an external site. The licence of this image is uncertain. The actual image used does not matter, as the document is demonstrating how to insert an image in HikiDoc syntax. To avoid licensing concerns and a potential privacy breach, I have replaced this external image with an included copy of the Debian logo. Caitlin Matos <>, Youhei SASAKI <> not-needed 2014-08-29
03_fix_relative_require Fix relative_require Update relative require for autopkgtest. Youhei SASAKI <> not-needed

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