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Status for ruby-hiredis/0.6.3-3

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use_system_libhiredis.patch Use system libhiredis

Use Debian's libhiredis version instead of downloading one and statically
linking against it.
Apollon Oikonomopoulos <> no 2013-04-10
disable-no-eagain-test.patch Disable EAGAIN related tests
These tests are probably too time-sensitive and yields different results across
different kernels (seems to work reliably only on Linux).

Apollon Oikonomopoulos <> no 2020-02-19
disable-network-tests.patch Disable network tests using routable IPs
We disable two network tests using a routable IP address ( to trigger
a connection timeout. is not guaranteed to be unroutable, and even in
that case, connecting to it might yield different results (timeout, connection
refused, host unreachable).
Apollon Oikonomopoulos <> no 2020-01-20
0004-Do-not-use-relative-path-in-test-helper.rb.patch Do not use relative path in test/helper.rb Lucas Kanashiro <> no 2020-01-20
0005-Skip-tests-failing-with-hiredis-1.2.0.patch Skip tests failing with hiredis 1.2.0
This is not the optimal solution but these failures are blocking the
ruby 3.2 transition. And src:rails still b-d on this package, so even if
it looks like a good candidate for a removal (unmaintained upstream for
years) it cannot be removed right now.
Lucas Kanashiro <> not-needed debian 2024-02-06

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