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Status for ruby-kyotocabinet/1.34-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-return-spec-in-kyotocabinet.gemspec-for-gem2deb.patch [PATCH 1/5] return spec in kyotocabinet.gemspec for gem2deb Shawn Landden <> no 2012-06-08
0002-use-pkg-config-in-extconf.rb.patch [PATCH 2/5] use pkg-config in extconf.rb Shawn Landden <> no 2012-06-08
0003-fix-test.rb-to-work-with-gem2deb.patch [PATCH] fix test.rb to work with gem2deb Shawn Landden <> no 2012-06-08
0004-Fix-ruby3.0-FTBFS-extern-C.patch Fix ruby3.0 FTBFS (extern C) Boyuan Yang <> no 2021-11-09
0005-Fix-FTBFS-ruby3.1.patch Pass -x c++ to force gcc to compile the test program as C++ and have_header to work reliably Nilesh Patra <> no 2022-12-28
0006-Fix-FTBFS-with-ruby-3.2.patch Fix FTBFS with ruby 3.2
In ruby 3.2, File.exists? was removed, and now users should use File.exist?.
Lucas Kanashiro <> no 2024-02-06

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