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Status for ruby-pygments.rb/2.3.0+ds-2.2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Remove-gemspec-git-ls-files.patch Remove git ls-files usage from gemspec file Alexandre Ghiti <> no other 2022-01-06
0002-Don-t-set-PYGMENTS_PATH-and-remove-sys.path-appends.patch Don't set PYGMENTS_PATH and remove sys.path appendsNo need to use those as everything is installed already. This is just an updated
version of the previous already existing patch from Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers.
Alexandre Ghiti <> no other 2022-01-06
0005-Use-proper-python-shebang.patch Use proper python shebangOrigin patch from Per Andersson <> Alexandre Ghiti <> no other 2022-01-06
0007-no-relative-path-for-require-in-tests.patch No relative path for require in testsLet the interpreter find the library with loadpath in tests
So that the tests can be run with the installed package (autpkgtest)
Cedric Boutillier <> no 2022-01-06
0010-Disable-the-test-expecting-a-timeout.patch disable the test expecting a timeoutBased on previous patch from Santiago Vila <>. Alexandre Ghiti <> no debian vendor 2022-01-06
0013-test-drop-test-that-depends-on-Python-internals.patch test: drop test that depends on Python internalsThis test works on Python 2 because for some reason the "Python" lexers
comes later, and overrides the "IPython" one in the mime type index. On
Python 3, that order is different, and a lookup for "text/x-python"
will return the "IPython" lexer instead.
Antonio Terceiro <> no 2020-02-13
0014-no-relative-path-to-mentos-py.patch Do not use relative path to mentos.pyThis fails when testing against the installed package. Alexandre Ghiti <> no 2022-01-24
test-update-for-latest-pygments.patch test: update for latest pygments Paul Gevers <> no 2022-03-13
0016-Adopt-to-pygments-2.24.patch Adopt to pygments 2.24 Jochen Sprickerhof <> no 2023-01-20

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