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Status for ruby3.1/3.1.2-8.3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-rdoc-build-reproducible-documentation.patch rdoc: build reproducible documentation
- provide a fixed timestamp to the gzip compression
Christian Hofstaedtler <> no 2017-10-10
0002-lib-mkmf.rb-sort-list-of-object-files-in-generated-M.patch lib/mkmf.rb: sort list of object files in generated Makefile
Without sorting the list explicitly, its order is indeterministic,
because readdir() is also not deterministic.
When the list of object files varies between builds, they are linked
in a different order, which results in an unreproducible build.
Reiner Herrmann <> no 2017-10-10
0003-Mark-Gemspec-reproducible-change-fixing-784225-too.patch Mark Gemspec-reproducible change fixing #784225, too
I think the UTC date change will fix the Multi-Arch not-same file issue,
Christian Hofstaedtler <> no 2017-10-10
0004-Disable-tests-failing-on-Ubuntu-builders.patch Disable some problematic tests Chris Hofstaedtler <> no 2024-03-15
0005-Make-gemspecs-reproducible.patch Make gemspecs reproducible
Without an explicit date, they will get the current date and make the
build unreproducible
Lucas Kanashiro <> no 2019-11-01
0006-Fix-FTBS-on-hurd.patch Fix FTBS on hurd Lucas Kanashiro <> no 2019-11-01
0007-Port-to-kfreebsd-amd64.patch Port to kfreebsd-amd64 Lucas Kanashiro <> no 2019-11-01
0009-Fix-FTBFS-on-x32-misdetected-as-i386-or-amd64.patch Fix FTBFS on x32: misdetected as i386 or amd64

Updated by John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <> on
2022-06-02, s/rb_cv_coroutine/coroutine_type/.
Thorsten Glaser <> no upstream 2020-04-13
0011-don-t-try-to-download-stuff-in-configure.patch don't try to download stuff in configure =?utf-8?q?C=C3=A9dric_Boutillier?= <> no 2020-10-06
0012-Make-resolv-accept-dash-in-zone_id-of-IPv6-link-local-addresses.patch Make resolv accept dash in zone_id of IPv6 link local addresses
One could use the network interface name as zone_id and it might contain
a dash in it.

Fixes [Bug #18165]
Lucas Kanashiro <> invalid upstream 2021-09-13
ruby_default_arch.m4-don-t-require-arhitectures-to-be-kno.patch ruby_default_arch.m4: don't require arhitectures to be known ahead of time

Not sure yet if this should be forwarded upstream or not.
Antonio Terceiro <> no 2021-10-04
Fix-filenames-for-glibc-SO-files-on-alpha-and-ia64.patch Fix filenames for glibc SO files on alpha and ia64
Fixes [Bug #18645]
John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <> no 2022-03-18
Fallback-PKG_CONFIG-to-the-configured-pkg-config-always.patch Fallback PKG_CONFIG to the configured pkg-config always Nobuyoshi Nakada <> no 2022-09-11
Honor-the-tool-prefix-against-pkg-config.patch Honor the tool prefix against pkg-config Nobuyoshi Nakada <> no 2022-09-11
Fix-for-tzdata-2022g.patch Fix for tzdata-2022g nagachika <> no 2022-12-09
Merge-CGI-0.3.5.patch Merge CGI-0.3.5 Hiroshi SHIBATA <> no 2023-01-15
openssl-3.0.1.patch openssl 3.0.1
This is a combination of several patches for openssl extension that fix
bugs in its version 3.0.0.
Antonio Terceiro <> not-needed 2023-03-05
Fix-splitting-relative-URI.patch Fix splitting relative URI Lucas Kanashiro <> no upstream, 2023-12-08
Update-test-certificates.patch =================================================================== no

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